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Projects › Train Collision Avoidance System "TCAS-G112"

  • TCAS-G112 is a 2x 2oo2 microcontroller based fail safe system preventing Head-on collision, Rear end collision, Side collision and Signal passing at Danger (SPAD).
  • G112 prevents train roll Back/Forward & Reverse movement.
  • TCAS generates Save Our Souls - A distress message under emergency.
  • TCAS generates Train Parted/Jumbled message under train parting or jumbling situations.
  • TCAS delivers 3 different kind of braking commands named as Normal, Full service and Emergency Brake commands.
  • TCAS applies the brake to the locomotive according to its brake distance curve.
  • The system supports multi vendor interoperability with universal features.
  • Third party Verification and Validation of TCAS-G112 system will be done for all configurations complying to CENELEC SIL-4 level.
  • Prevent Head-on collision, Rear End collision and Side collision.
  • Prevent Signal passing at danger.
  • Generate the SOS/ Unusual command message.
  • Perform well at train speeds up to 160 km/hr.
  • Auto train length assessment based on the status of track circuits.
  • Determine the track identity (TIN) with RFID Tag fitted on the track.
  • Perform Manual/ Auto brake test at startup.
  • Determine the brake distance curve based on the speed, gradient & target distance.
Train Collision Avoidance System "TCAS-G112"